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Me and myself

Bringing science to life...

Dr Lizzie Burns - Crossing the boundaries between science and art..

In 1995 I had the idea of combining my passion for science and art. I began  creating paintings inspired by my own research in molecular and cellular biology. Microscopy reveals a tiny, hidden world but the specimen is usually dead following fixation and staining to reveal the structures within. As an artist, there is complete freedom to choose colours in the absence of colour at the small-scale while brushstrokes can be used to hint at movement.

I was amazed to find people without a science background were fascinated by the resulting artwork. Images can be used to bring to life and explain otherwise abstract concepts.

Following exhibitions and journal covers I approached the UK Medical Research Council (MRC) in 2002 and proposed creating a series of paintings inspired by the work they fund. The result was Medical Research Revealed.  This 2 year project looks beyond the practicalities of biomedical research to reveal the secret beauty of the scientific entities yielding answers to many of the world’s major health problems.

A selection of paintings are displayed with kind permission from the MRC along with quotes from the scientists who inspired the paintings. Since 2004 I have been developing workshops to encourage people of all ages to find their own inspiration in scientific themes. 

Medical Research Revealed


For enquiries e-mail:  sciencetolife@yahoo.co.uk


I am currently developing biological jewellery and incorporating artwork into functional objects.